Motor Vehicle Accidents

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. Some are fender benders. Others are very serious and can result in severe injuries or even death. Sometimes the cause of the accident is very clear. Other times, there could be several causes to an auto accident, making the determination of fault or damages very complex.

There are steps you can take immediately after the accident to help preserve evidence. And when a case is complex, it is not something you should handle by yourself. A Connecticut auto accident Attorney Vincent M. DeAngelo helps accident victims deal with insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve.

What to do immediately after an automobile accident

An automobile accident is a traumatic experience. But your actions immediately after the accident can help you later down the road. These are just a few of the steps you can take immediately after an accident:

  • Call 911. The first thing you should do is call 911. You or one of the other people involved in the accident may be injured and require medical attention. Also, the police can help sort out the accident, take a report, and issue summonses, if necessary.
  • Exchange information. Exchange names, addresses, license information and insurance information with the other drivers involved in the accident.
  • Take pictures. Now more than ever, people have the ability to take pictures at a moment’s notice. Use the camera on your smartphone or cell phone to take pictures of the damage to the vehicles, any injuries and the scene of the accident.
  • Take notes. A couple of days after the accident, you may find that your recollection of the accident is not as good as you thought it would be. As soon as you can after an accident, jot down everything you remember about the accident, including the time of day, the weather conditions and the location of the other vehicles.
  • Seek medical treatment. Go to the emergency room or see your doctor as soon as possible. In addition to receiving treatment for the injuries, your injuries will be documented from the beginning.

Getting legal help from a Hartford car accident attorney

Attorney Vincent M. DeAngelo will help you deal with the insurance companies, and file any lawsuits that may be necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve. If a jury trial is necessary, Hartford injury attorney Vincent DeAngelo uses his more than 30 years of experience and extensive continuing legal education when presenting your case.

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