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Personal Injury in Connecticut Nursing Homes

As the population ages, many families entrust nursing homes with the care of their loved ones. Not all nursing homes are equal, and sometimes residents can be the victim of nursing home abuse, medical malpractice or other personal injury. While no one can guarantee that you will find the absolute best nursing home, there are things you can do when investigating your nursing home choices.

Searching for the right nursing home

Choosing a nursing home is not an easy task. Here are a few tips to follow when searching for the right nursing home:

  • Involve your loved one in the search as much as possible.
  • Visit the facility at various times during the day.
  • Check the facility to ensure that it is clean and does not smell foul.
  • Watch how the staff does — or does not — interact with the clients.
  • Meet with the management and ask questions about staffing levels on the different shifts, fall rates, bed sores, and the frequency of doctor visits.
  • Take a checklist with you, such as the comprehensive nursing home checklist that Medicare provides.
  • Review the nursing home’s state inspection reports. If the nursing home resists this request, take this as a warning sign because the law requires disclosure of the report.
  • Speak with residents and their families in a non-intrusive way to learn about their experiences.

What to do if you suspect abuse or other personal injury

First and foremost, if you suspect your loved one is at risk, remove him or her from the facility immediately. Next, document as much information as you can about the incident. Take notes about your recollections and your loved one’s recollections. Take pictures of any injuries or accident sites. Request copies of your loved one’s medical records. Then bring this information to an experienced Hartford personal injury attorney to discuss any possible claims your loved one may have against the facility.

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